Utility Rates

City of Chattahoochee, FL

Rates and Service Information

Utilities: The City provides Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Sewer services. Meter Reading is between the 9th and 14th of each month and bills are due on the 1st of each month. If the bill is not paid by the close of the business day on the 10th (4:30 PM EST), a 10% penalty will automatically be added to each account that has not been paid. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday the city considers the next business day as the 10th, furthermore, a postmark of the 10th or sliding payments under the door after the close of the business day does not relieve a customer from paying the penalty. The "Cut-Off Date" is listed on the utility bill each month, payment must be received by the close of the business day (4:30 PM EST) the day before cut off to avoid a $25.00 administration fee and disconnection of service. (Example: If cut-off day falls on a Monday, payment must be received by 4:30 PM EST on Friday). FAILURE TO RECEIVE BILL DOES NOT RELIEVE OBLIGATION TO PAY BILL BY DUE DATE.


Below you can download and complete the application for utilities with the City of Chattahoochee:

Utility Account Application

Garbage Collection: Garbage is collected once per week to residential customers at a charge of $22.66 per month.  When a new account is opened, a can will be provided to you through our waste contractor, Waste Pro.  All Commercial accounts should contact the Commercial Accounts Coordinator for Waste Pro at (850) 509-5716 for commercial garbage rates and days of pickup.

Trash Collection Day: Residential trash must be placed beside the street on Tuesdays if you live north of Mosquito Creek and on Wednesdays if you live south of Mosquito Creek.  Once your garbage has been picked up by Waste Pro, the resident must remove their can from the city right-of-way as soon as possible.

Rubbish Pickup: The City also provides rubbish pickup for all of its citizens.  Limbs/leaves and white goods should be in two totally separate piles next to the curb of your property so that the trucks can easily pick up the items.  There is no set day for pickup of these items as the two waste trucks are covering theirs routes daily and will routinely make their way down every street within the course of the week.  However, if you are planning on having a large pickup, please call the City Utilities office and arrange for a pickup the day you are planning on placing the items beside the road.

Utility Rates and Services


Water Connections: $500 (up to a 1” line for 60 ft or less)

Sewer Connections: $500 (up to a 6” line)

Minimum Deposit: $50 Owners/ $100 Renters

Backflow Preventer: Residential and Commercial Accounts pay the current cost to the city for this service.

Water: $1.07 per 1,000 gallons plus the applicable service charge (listed on the table below)

Water billed outside the city is 150% of the inside city rates

Sewer is 290% of the gross monthly water bill with a 12,000 gallon cap on residential sewer

The connection fee for irrigation is $150.00 plus a meter deposit

Meter Size Service Charge
5/8” $7.00
1” $11.50
1 ¼” $15.00
1 ½” $20.00
2” $30.00
3” $60.00
4” $90.00
6” $175.00
Over 6” Cost to Serve


Residential Connection: Single phase $500.00, all other subscribers will be charged cost to serve.

Minimum electric deposit is based on a two month average of the electric consumption of the last 12 months or $250, whichever is greater.

Security Lights: $9.00 per month, per light

Type of Service
Energy Charge
.0836 per KWH
.0911 per KWH
Industrial Demand
(100 KW min x 5.0202)
Cost to Serve
Cost to Serve
.080535 per KWH

Natural Gas

Connection: $500.00 (up to 100’ and $1.50 per additional foot)

Minimum Deposit: $50 Owners/ $100 Renters

Type of Service: Service Charge Energy Charge
Residential $6.50 .6818 per 100 cubic foot
Commercial $7.50 .6818 per 100 cubic foot
Industrial Demand $13.00 .6818 per 100 cubic foot

Miscellaneous Monthly Charges

Animal Control: $.50

Storm Water Fee: $.50

Residential Property Fire Service Fee: $2.00

Commercial Property Fire Service Fee: $3.00