Now Hiring: Firefighter/Public Safety Dispatcher

Compensation: $10.75/hour

Location: 32 Jefferson Street, Chattahoochee, FL 32324

Job Type: Part-Time, Night Shift

Department: Fire/Police Department

Contact: David Crawford, Fire Chief 850-663-4383  


This is specialized work receiving, screening, prioritizing, and relaying information regarding emergency calls for service over a radio system involving multiple talk groups and channels and performing general duties in the prevention of fire and protection of life and property. Work is performed according to agency rules, regulations and procedures. Supervisor will review work methods and records for accuracy and effectiveness, and for adherence to rules, regulations and procedures.


Essential Duties

Prepares to fight fire by connecting hose to hydrants or pumps and joining hose sections and nozzles to hose. Enters burning building and operates nozzle to direct stream of water on fires. Operates equipment to facilitate entry into locked buildings through approved forcible entry methods. Operates hand fire extinguishers and similar equipment in extinguishing fires. Operates pumps to maintain an adequate water volume and pressure. Raises, lowers and climbs ladders. Ventilates burning buildings to carry off smoke and gases. Rescues individuals and provides appropriate emergency medical assistance. Performs property conservation operations such as placing salvage covers, sweeping water and removing debris. May drive umper trucks and emergency trucks in responding to fire alarms and in returning to the station. Administers first response first aid to injured or afflicted persons.

Dispatches emergency calls for the Chattahoochee area for the Fire Department and the Police Department. Operates and monitors radio frequencies for dispatching personnel. Maintains the status of these personnel, their location, assignments, and safety. Obtains all pertinent information, enters information into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to be relayed to the field units. Notifies supervisor of all equipment malfunctions, issues, or any calls of a serious, unusual, or life-threatening nature, and of notifications that must be sent for Level 1 and 2 responses.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Dispatching experience preferred; however, training is available. Knowledge of the street system and geography of the city. Some knowledge of first aid methods and ability to provide medical assistance as required. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies. Ability to perform prolonged and arduous work under adverse conditions. Ability to operate fire apparatus, vehicles and equipment. Skills in tactical firefighting.

Necessary Special Requirements

Must be a certified firefighter in the State of Florida or have firefighting training at the time of application.

Must possess a valid Class E State driver’s license or equivalent, as determined by the City, at the time of secondary application.


Individuals wishing to apply for this position must turn in a completed cover letter, resume, and City of Chattahoochee employment application as soon as possible. The individual must fill out an application packet to be considered for hire as a cover letter and resume will not substitute for the completed application packet. This packet may be picked up at either City Hall (22 Jefferson Street) or downloaded below.. All completed applications, resumes, and cover letters must be received by the City Hall or the Police/Fire Department. The City of Chattahoochee is a drug free workplace that is committed to and prioritizes continuously providing a workplace where equal employment opportunity is afforded to all people.